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Over There



A gripping romance spanning two continents… Ruth Carroway is twenty years old and has lived in the shadow of her older brother, Frank, for as long as she can remember. Independent and head-strong, she can’t wait to escape the confines of her small hometown in Indiana. 

On December 7, 1941, the events a world away at Pearl Harbor set into a motion a series of changes in Ruth’s life that she never could have imagined. With Frank at war, but still the center of his family’s attention, Ruth itches to do something, anything. Moving out, she soon finds herself rooming with Lillian, a young newlywed whose husband is also at the front. Ruth blossoms when she realizes that, not only is she “one of those girls,” it appears Lillian is as well. The war seems non-existent for the two women in the throes of new love until a sudden turn in events becomes the catalyst for Ruth’s decision to volunteer for nursing duty. 

Landing in war-torn London, Ruth is forced to grow up quickly as she is thrown into the chaos and brutality of World War II. Along the way, she meets Helene, a sexy, enigmatic French nurse, eager to introduce Ruth to the ways of the world, and Tess, an all-business English nurse who she finds herself drawn to immediately. Ruth is no longer the same small town girl from Evansville, Indiana and she is now faced with impossible choices. 

Will she make the right ones?

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